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Meet my little family!




Welcome to Cabigail Photography - I'm glad you're here!


If you ask me to take your photographs, my photography becomes your photography.


It's as simple as that!


 I will work with you to plan and create photographs that will capture those important moments and express your life the way you want it to be expressed, and they will be beautifully edited to your taste.


  • I am based out of Southeast Kansas. My home is located near Yates Center, Kansas. I am also an elementary school teacher, so I must limit the number of sessions I take on during school months in order to do my best work as a teacher, a photographer, a mom of many animals, and a human being with plenty of things to do!


  • I am a natural light photographer - I will take on work that is in the home, but I still prefer to use natural light through windows and doors. I find that nature, and nature's own light source (the sun!), offer beautiful settings and the absolute best lighting for my clients.


  • My photography is all about you. That said, if you need my direction, it's always available. From outfits to poses to locations and more, I will work with you to decide on the elements that will make your photographs uniquely you.


  • I offer a variety of packages to fit a variety of needs. Every package I offer comes with access to your digital photo files - files that you can download, share, distribute, and order prints with. They are usable files and available to download directly from this website - and they are included in the cost of your session. I refuse to charge outrageous prices for individual digital files! I encourage you to order your own prints; however, I am always available to assist or order for you if you would like.


  •  Getting the shots you'll love is my end goal - I will work with you to get you the results you'll love!

If my style of photography sounds like a good fit for you, contact me!


  • I'm very flexible when it comes to your photographic needs.


  • Have a unique idea or request? Shoot me an e-mail, call me, or text me. I would be delighted to hear from you!


  • If you would like to consider purchasing a print from my gallery, please contact me for more information! My photographs look even better framed and hanging up on your wall :)


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