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Zara the Zebu is available for purchase at Cornerstone Bakery, Emerald City Foods, and The Diamond Bunker in Yates Center, Kansas, as well as The Red Buffalo Store in Sedan, Kansas, Doane's in Fredonia, and Little House on the Prairie Museum in Independence - if you're interested in carrying Zara the Zebu at your retail location, please contact me!


As a self-published author, all costs and planning for new editions and printing more physical copies are left solely to me - I appreciate your support if you choose to purchase a copy from one of our local retailers or from my Etsy shop.


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions! You can also send a photo of your child and their copy of Zara the Zebu to be featured on the Adelaide Bauman Facebook page! A zebu calf stands in the grass next to a children's book titled "Zara the Zebu" by Adelaide Bauman. The text above the calf reads "Available Now!"


Want a free Zara the Zebu coloring page? Click the link and download your own printable file!

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