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December 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well, 2020 is nearly at its end, and that's okay.

I didn't know it when it began, but 2020 would be a year of big decisions for me. Bittersweet changes to be sure, as I end my teaching career in my hometown in search of a career that doesn't drain so much of me each day. Being creative and working efficiently are two of my favorite things, and teaching has ended up stifling both in my life - which is sad, because teaching is incredibly important. The profession needs advocates, and I won't stop advocating for a better education system. We need to do better by our teaching professionals and our students. The current system is broken.

Beyond that, I have been working on several things. In this post, I would like to showcase a few chicken photos. I know many people see them as a) strictly food, b) scary and/or goofy, or c) answers a and b. However, I think that chickens are beautiful, and I hope that these images showcase that.

I always want to highlight the importance of capturing the "simple" every day things that surround you. Since taking these photos, some of my chickens were lost to a husky that someone dumped near us; it jumped the fence and killed two of my boys. We took the husky to a shelter and we found four new flock mates for Geralt, who was the only survivor. Needless to say, I am happy I take photos of my everyday experiences from time to time. I appreciate them later on.

I hope to capture photos of the new boys as they grow into their feathers - they really are stunning.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a joyful 2021.

- Chari

Indy and Ollivander, who was lost to the husky attack this year.

Han, who was re-homed due to fighting issues within the flock. He's happy as can be at his new home!

Geralt, who has taken over leadership of the new flock.

Geralt again.

In memory of Romulus, who was my sweetest boy.


Miniature Zebu vs. Angus/Charlais Size Comparison

March 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Saturday!


Not only do I use my photography for art - it's also a useful way to educate others and illustrate things. In this case, I managed to capture one of those times that my miniature zebu herd interacts with the surrounding Angus/Charlais herd of full-size cattle. These photos are fun, because they capture just how small my mini moos are. No, I didn't spend much time editing - I just brightened up the images when needed. Don't be afraid to share your photos - if they show something cool or have meaning to you, then they're worth publishing. They don't always need to be visually stunning to be awesome.

My sweet girl Bo (and friends) standing along the fence line with two standard size American cattle. All of the cows you see in the photo are full grown! And yes, I realize that the red gal is not a black Angus OR a Charlais :)

Apollo tentatively walks up to greet a full size mama. Apollo is currently 1 year and 7 months old. He is nearly done (or done) growing at this age, though his horns and hump will continue to develop.

The two new friends say hello! We have had two different miniature zebu cattle live with standard size cattle, and they live together normally. Mini moos and standard cattle are much the same, with the exception of their size and, in this case, the type of milk they will produce.

I love this photo, because my little Cupid in front (miniature zebu; 10 months old) looks much more like he could be the calf of the full size cow pictured than her actual calf (the fuzzy white one). In reality, the fuzzy little one is much younger than Cupid, though Cupid is much, much smaller. I love catching my calves next to standard ones!

Pictured her is Otto, very much an adult at nearly 4 years old. He walks next to Angus/Charlais calves and a fully grown Angus cow. Interestingly, he's about the same size as those calves!

The calves are never sure what to make of those tiny, adult cattle!

A view that warms my heart :)


Thank you for learning more about these little cattle. As a quick reminder:  Miniature cattle are still cattle. They eat grass and hay, they poop all the time, and they are still large enough to hurt adult people if they are inclined to. Do not expect them to be "like a dog." There are definitely friendly ones, but they behave like friendly cattle - not like a friendly dog. If you love cattle and you have pasture, shelter, and time to learn about and care for them, and room for at least one bovine friend for your new addition, miniature cattle can be a dream come true!

If you're looking for a companion animal to live in your house, go for one of the many cats and dogs at animal shelters that need a loving home - a cow is not what you're looking for.


Capturing "Everyday" Events and Surroundings

September 14, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It's easy to think that photography only applies to special events and moments; however, some of my most meaningful captures have been made while shooting on an ordinary day - and while shooting the things that are a part of my everyday life. Maybe it was a person that, in what seemed like an instant, was gone. Maybe it was a pet that is no longer with us. Maybe it was a shot of the yard or our house before the next project changed it.

Progress is easy to forget and overlook if we let ordinary days pass us by. Having a few photos from everyday life to look back on from time to time can change our perspective and help us remember and appreciate what was - or maybe how things have changed for the better.

My challenge to you is this:  take your camera out - not because of something special - just take it out. Take pictures of what surrounds you. Print a few of them off and create an album of everyday life. The things you capture can turn out to be both beautiful and special, as sometimes it's the smallest parts of our lives that end up giving the most meaning to our experience on this earth.

The following are a few of my "everyday" images that I'm grateful to have.

Thank you for visiting the blog!

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June 25, 2019  •  Leave a Comment



Big Changes Ahead in 2019

December 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've got to face it - I took on WAY too many sessions this year, and though I loved being a part of everyone's year in such a special way, I'm going to have to cut down on sessions in 2019. Not only do I have my full-time teaching career to consider, but I plan to begin working on my Master's degree next year! It would also be nice to have a bit of free time on the weekends

So, I would like to thank ALL of my past clients for allowing me to capture your precious moments and I hope that 2019 is an amazing year for you, and that you experience a wonderful holiday season!

I will be taking very few sessions in 2019 and I will be limiting myself further by taking no new clients. You will see less of me in 2019, but as always, I am more than willing to provide recommendations for other local photographers to help you out if you're in need of a photographer and I am not available.

Thank you all for your support!

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