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{ A Lovely Little Update }

August 11, 2018  •  2 Comments

It's been quite a summer! I kept myself very busy, learned a lot, and I am excited for what is to come! We have enjoyed the births of TWO beautiful miniature zebu calves this summer - everything went very well and mamas and babies are doing extremely well. School starts again next Wednesday, meaning I'm back in the building full time starting Monday!

I've had the privilege of photographing some wonderful people this summer and I feel like my editing flow becomes more efficient with each session. Photography and teaching are both professions in which things are constantly changing and improvements can be made every single day and every single session. I love to learn and grow, and I'm very grateful to be able to do this in all aspects of my life.

My cows (and all of my other animal family members) mean the world to me, too, if you hadn't guessed that before. These are a few photos from yesterday evening to give you a peek into my life right now and at the size of that itty bitty baby! Also featured is my little rescue chihuahua, Bill, who enjoys touching noses with my cows as long as he feels there is no danger of being stepped on :)

I hope your transition back into the school year is smooth and happy - whether it be your kiddos going, you going, or anyone else in your life. If you're not involved with education at all anymore, I promise there is still so much to learn! Be it through books or YouTube videos, aim to learn something new each day and you just might learn something new about yourself, too. What an interesting world we live in!

Well wishes!

- Chari

P.S. You can dislike my shirt if you want, but I'm actually a WSU Shocker and I own a KU shirt just like this one. I root for all of the teams, so EMAW, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go Shocks, look at the cows! 😋


{ Arizona + Back in the Swing of Things }

June 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey there, friends! Dylan and I just got back from a week long trip to Flagstaff, AZ. If I don't travel at least once a year, I go crazy! It was definitely time for another trip. Our last one was a short one last May to bring home my babies from Columbia, TN - it's a fantastic place to visit and my friend Holly has the coolest business in town - the Columbia Arts Building (CAB).


Anyway, we stayed at a cute little apartment above Jim and Jackie's garage - you can find them on Airbnb. They were fantastic hosts and we had an awesome trip thanks to Jim's tips and the tour we booked with him!


I'm currently working through my last photo shoot. It's a lot of PortraitPro to begin with, which is just time consuming because of all of the loading. I'm looking at upgrading my laptop soon (yeah, that's going to have to happen before I start considering a camera upgrade, sadly!). Once I'm upgraded, editing might go a bit faster!


I wanted to share a couple of shots with you from my trip - the first is of a wild mustang in the Painted Desert. This is one of the coolest photo opportunities I've ever had! The second is of a melanistic jaguar at Bearizona in Williams, AZ. He was gorgeous, and his enclosure was amazing. If you want a quality animal experience, Bearizona works to take the absolute best care of its animals and is always investing more in its park and habitats!


Have you been on any interesting trips lately? Maybe it was just a new place you found a few miles down the road! If so, I'd love to hear about it! :)


- Chari



{ Pictures of Me? AND I ordered a NEW LENS! }

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again! My first year of teaching has went by so quickly - it always happens that way! I was informed by another teacher yesterday that we have only NINE more days of school left - and the end of the year is always packed with "extra" things! Anyway, I've got a jam-packed summer ahead of me and I already have some sessions booked. The REALLY exciting news is that I've just purchased a new Sigma lens that I am extremely excited about! I think that it's going to allow me to take my photography to the next level - getting my hands on one of these lenses has been on my mind for quite some time now!

With that news shared, I also wanted to share a few photos of my cows and I that I got my husband to take for me yesterday afternoon :) I brought my first mini cows home last May, and it took a whole year for me to get some decent photos with them! It always seems to go that way for photographers - it's easy to get anyone in the frame except yourself!

I hope you enjoy these photos - these little ones are a big part of my life, as are teaching and photography. If you would like to learn more about them, please visit my "KM Miniature Zebu Cattle" tab at the top right of my website menu.

Have a fantastic weekend, and be watching for photos with my new lens!

That's me!Along with me (left to right) are Pilgrim, Otto, Bo, Nova (in back), and Pookie! Baby cow alert!This is Pilgrim, a.k.a. Little Stink! He's about 5 1/2 months old and I love spending time with him! "Treats?"Pookie's maternity session was featured last month on the blog. She will be giving birth to her first calf sometime this summer. We're very excited!

{ Pookie's Maternity Session }

April 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Okay, guys, I have a very special girl who is going to have a baby this summer - and she definitely deserved her own maternity session! Meet Pookie, a little miniature zebu heifer whom I brought home from Tennessee last year! She doesn't have the typical zebu look because she was born on the far side of the pasture, unexpected, and on a freezing day. She was practically frozen when her caretaker found her - she was warmed up in the bathtub, she spent a couple of weeks as a "house cow," and the rest is history! BUT the tips of her ears and the tip of her tail did not survive, so she looks a bit different than normal. We love her SO much and we are extremely excited to welcome her little one into the world this summer!

{ Prom Season }

April 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's prom season again! I'm going to provide a few insights on photographing couples for prom "on the fly!"

I'll start with this one first. Why? Because I like it, but it provides some insight into what kind of photos people tend to like. It's a beautiful shot in a beautiful location, but the expressions on my subjects' faces are fairly standard. They aren't "genuine," if you will. I did some research via Facebook to see which of my photos from yesterday received the most reactions - this one got very few.

There are several factors that went into making this photo. 1) I had my zoom lens on but it was a tight location, so my shots were limited. 2) I had my subjects stand in the shady portion of this bridge so that there were no hot spots on them from the sun. This gave them a very even lighting and their features are very clear. Every detail is accounted for, except the bottom of Andrea's beautiful dress. 3) We were at the location for a matter of minutes, so I got a few quick shots in and then the happy couple had to leave to get pictures taken inside at the high school. I had to say bye to this fantastic location much too soon! Things like this generally happen because even when planned, days like this tend to go quickly and have a few time-consuming hangups. And in this case, I was asked to photograph them the day before and scheduling was a bit off due to some misunderstandings about timing. When you're the photographer, there's not much you can do about that except adapt and make something work!

All in all, I ended up with a photo that will be great to keep as a memory of how the two looked on this day, but one that shows little or no emotion. I love this photo, but there IS more you can capture in a photo than just how two people look. Let's look at one that inspires almost everyone to smile when they see it.

Now THIS one made people smile. It's pretty obvious why - I've captured a special moment between two people, and it's a happy one. The emotion is there, the smiles are real, and the focus is all on the subjects. I captured this one in portrait, so more of Andrea's dress is visible as well. With some specialized editing, this one looks like a dream. And that's the whole goal of high school prom!

Now keep in mind, I DID have to instruct these two to take a moment to look at each other before I could capture this photo. You will probably have to do the same, unless you are photographing a model with training or strong natural knowledge of modeling (which does happen sometimes). Learning to take initiative and be a bit bossy as a photographer is a huge benefit, though it doesn't come naturally for most introverts like myself. Practicing with relatives or friends may help you overcome shyness when it comes to being a photographer.

This one is the product of having a not-so-great location and making it work. Yes, those are dandelions and honeysuckles, not a curated garden, but the bright green grass and spring colors, along with the plain background and blue skies provide a pretty location to snap a full-body shot of the couple. I did not have the option of placing my subjects in the shade this time, so there was the harsh, early evening lighting to deal with. This one was taken outside in an open field right next to the high school. It features genuine smiles, beautiful, bright color, and is a very nice shot of these two overall!

THIS one was a favorite of "the people" as well. I think this is, again, due to genuine smiles and the fact that I captured a happy, real moment, with the addition of some interesting editing. Part of the reason I kept the color in Andrea's dress is that it looks so much like a wedding picture anyway, that leaving the dress in a sepia tone made it look like a straight up wedding photo without question. Otherwise, I do like the pretty pop of color that this gives the photo. And again, it makes the focus of the picture the subjects rather than the surrounding foliage and background.


I hope that this commentary from me might help you when capturing your own loved ones! Thank you to Dustin and Andrea for being featured in this blog post!

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